Eternal Life in Toledo

For one season in the mid-1990’s, the greatest basketball player ever played…baseball. Michael Jordan, at the peak of his powers, retired and tried out baseball. Not good enough for the majors right away, he played for an obscure minor league team. The biggest star in sports was spending his weekends in exotic [...]

Happy Easter

The resurrection is stubbornly real. When the disciples first heard about it, they could not believe it. But then Jesus showed up in the flesh and did non-hallucination things like eat a fish. In that same first post-resurrection meeting, Jesus explained how if you read the Hebrew Scriptures closely, you’ll see that [...]

He’s Preparing a Room for You

Karla, one of our Residential Citizens, loves to clean. Half the times I have visited her home and seen her, she is reaching for a broom and dustpan. She is constantly making sure her room is clean and ready to go. Jesus said He would be doing something similar in His Father’s [...]

Sad Endings

I love sad endings. La La Land, The Godfather (and every other mafia movie), Roman Holiday…maybe I have a problem. Or maybe sad endings resonate because they often feel more realistic than “happily ever after” tales. And maybe they are morally clarifying; they do not sugarcoat but show the full consequences of [...]

Finding Strength

I have a unique approach to strength-training: eating junk food. I realize that is not an actual approach to strength-training. However, I always intend to grow my strength, and I always find myself eating junk food, so I guess it has become my strategy. Many of us have a similarly effective approach [...]

A Bible Ghost Story

Personally, I believe in ghosts. I am sure many ghost stories and legends are fake or imagined. But I am not sure all of them are. Also, there is a ghost story in the Bible. In 1 Samuel 28, after a string of decisions in which he ignored the guidance of the [...]

Obedience on Mars

Obeying God would be good even if you lived on Mars. That is our devotional thought of the week at the moment. There are two parts to it that are vital: obeying good is not only right, it is good. And then of course that whole Mars bit. I promise it somehow [...]

Professional Development

With the first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft… Once a year, pro football teams get to pick a handful of players from the college ranks, and analyzing their picks has become a cottage industry in and of itself. Teams have very specific characteristics they are looking for: speed, strength, mental acuity, [...]

Only God Can Judge Me

“Only God can judge me.” These words were made famous by the rapper Tupac Shakur. You can see them today on social media posts, t-shirts, and bumper stickers. But many people utter this statement simply as a way to reject others’ right to approve or disapprove of them without even considering that [...]

God the Guide

American presidents have said the biggest adjustment to becoming president is realizing the buck stops with you. You make the call. The decision is yours. Your advisors advise and then…you decide. On a hilariously smaller scale, I can relate, having recently become a lead pastor of a church. No longer can you [...]

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