I have a unique approach to strength-training: eating junk food.

I realize that is not an actual approach to strength-training. However, I always intend to grow my strength, and I always find myself eating junk food, so I guess it has become my strategy.

Many of us have a similarly effective approach to gaining strength for facing life’s challenges. Some of us literally also eat junk food in the face of stress or hardship (my hand is up on that one too). Some of us tell ourselves positive things or do yoga. But there is only one source of true strength for facing hardships, and that is God Himself.

Take King Saul and David in the Bible. Saul in 1 Samuel 28 has sought strength to lead his army and his nation from just about everything under the sun but has failed to trust in God; he finishes his story as a completely impotent leader who is killed as his army gets routed. A couple chapters later, in response to his followers thinking about mutiny and ending his life, David “was greatly distressed…but found strength in the Lord his God” (30:6), and he is able to overcome all of his considerable obstacles.

But how does one find strength in God? Reading His Word regularly, being a regular part of a fellowship of a believers (aka a church), the list could go on, but let me encourage you to try one concrete action. When you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious or are dreading something this week, take a moment to ask God for strength. I have found that the Lord does indeed answer and give strength when we look to Him in faith for it!