The resurrection is stubbornly real.

When the disciples first heard about it, they could not believe it. But then Jesus showed up in the flesh and did non-hallucination things like eat a fish. In that same first post-resurrection meeting, Jesus explained how if you read the Hebrew Scriptures closely, you’ll see that of course the Messiah had to suffer and then rise again. This wasn’t some surreal sideshow but the real culmination of God’s plan of salvation.

Many still cannot believe that a man rose from the dead. It sounds like a myth the disciples invented. But, just as it was for the original disciples, the evidence of its reality is before our eyes. The truth is that if any regular historical event had the same amount of historical evidence for it, no one would doubt it. It would be nice for some to be able to dismiss it as a fairly tale, but the resurrection is stubbornly historical. It is a fact backed by evidence.

Even believers in Jesus today sometimes struggle to get past thinking of the resurrection as more than a nice story from way back when. But the resurrection has real consequences for life today. Jesus comes into our midst, stubbornly real and alive, like He did with the disciples, and He invites us not into a religion that gives hope for life after death but a relationship with a Lord who is living after death. In the resurrection, Jesus disrupts all the narratives and stereotypes people have of “religion.” In fact, He disrupts everything. Suffering, sin, death…they will pass away. What will remain stubbornly real is Jesus’ resurrection and the life we have in Him!